Saturday, February 17, 2018

10 to 2

 The Mister and I got the wall redone today and made a pact to work everyday from 10 to 2 until we get it done rain or shine. It was raining again but I just held the deck umbrella over The Mister while we made the cuts. The mask is for the concrete dust and the hat is for the migraine I've got.  It's always something. We should be tiling again on Monday. Spackling is up next.

Stopping work at 2 gives me plenty of time to get my stuff done. I chain plied the first bobbin of the Olympic Corriedale.

 I don't think the colors turned out too clown barfy. I can't wait to swatch this and see what I have.

 There is still plenty of it to spin. Good thing because there is still plenty of Olympics to watch.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! Sorry about the migraine! The new yarn is very good-you get a gold medal for it!

  2. That work schedule will have your tiling project finished soon, probably in time for Easter.

    Love your Olympic yarn.

  3. Wow! That bathroom is looking good! Can't wait to see the finish. You are both a talented pair!

    -Mary S.

  4. Looking good lady! I like your plan. The trouble with Fireman is that he won't put a time limit on projects. HE plows through them and I go along kicking and screaming. Im so glad for the Olympics . It is rather dreary here and the news is certainly not uplifting. I root for everyone at the games!

  5. Glad you got the project back on track and with a schedule to boot - go you! Can't wait to see how the yarn works up, the colors are beautiful!

  6. Im sure if you keep at it, the bathroom will be together in no time

    The yarn looks great!

  7. You may need a magnesium supplement. I'm told that helps with migrains. That Olympic Corriedale turned out great. Love all the colors.

    1. I used to take magnesium all the time for my hot flashes and never had a headache. I need to get some. Thanks!

  8. That’s a great plan but I’m very sorry about the migraine. Your yarn is beautiful and not clownish at all. I love it.