Monday, February 12, 2018

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

 That groundhog didn't know what he was talking about.

 It's almost 70 out right now. It's warmer outside than inside. It's weird.

 Things are starting to happen.

 This is worrisome because it can still get cold.

 I'm worried that a sudden freeze will wipe out spring when it officially gets here.

 All this early spring comes at a price.

 It's been raining for days. My yard is a swamp. My creek is overflowing and the deck is a swimming pool. The Mister has been out in the rain trying to get it to drain so the cats don't drown.

 My driveway is washing down across the yard. What a mess.

 There's not much to do but sit and knit in the gloom. Plain ole socks are the remedy.

As is Olympic spinning.  Seeing all that beautiful snow falling in Pyeongchang is depressing though. I like spring but I like it-in spring.


  1. It rained like crazy here too. The creeks are all over their banks and our yard is soggy, soggy, soggy!

  2. Exciting to see the growth but what a price we pay for Spring flowers! The socks and spinning are a good idea!

  3. If it helps it's a total mess here too. I'm ready for a drought. I've been slopping around in mud for days. My horse has decided he wants to be mud and rolls in it all day leaving me with the task of getting it off him at night. I'm doing the chores in knee high waiders. It's a mess!!

  4. Oh dear. Well I am jealous of the shoots and warmth, but not the water issues. Hope it is just stuff and nothing serious. And socks! I'm always all about the socks. Keep going around in circles my friend. Cause socks come out of it!

  5. Everything is soggy here too! Unbelievably warm. I can her mold growing I think....

  6. Your spinning is so nice and even. That yarn will be gorgeous when it's plied. I love your sock lineup!

  7. You need to move here - more snow on the way! Right now everything is covered in ice.
    We are definitely going to have flooding problems when it all starts to melt.

  8. We've had spring the last few weeks and now it's supposed to snow on Wednesday. Thankfully I don't see any green shoots appearing yet.
    Love that spinning and your socks too.

  9. I dunno. The weather is weird here too. Makes me feel uncomfortable. Today was colder but no rain. sigh.

    I love your line of socks in progress! I'm jealous!