Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Soap: Thinking Spring

 After a day of working in the bathroom it was nice to hide in the soap room to make a few loaves before the Olympics came on every night.

 I've had a nice little routine going that comes to an end today.

 I've got lots more fruit scented soap curing. Meet Black Cherry. I am very fond of cherry so I hope this one holds its scent through the long curing process.

 Lime Margarita is very, very yummy. The greens even worked out this time. Green is a hard color to work with.

 Aloe and Cactus water smells nothing like what I would think Aloe would smell like but it's full of aloe extract so I have high hopes for it.

 Yuzu is not for the faint of heart. Yuzu smells like rotten fruit. I bought this scent last summer because of the rave reviews and hated it. Recently I took out an old bar of it that I had made as a test and I LOVED IT. Maybe it's this dreary winter weather but suddenly that rotten fruit smell seemed more lush and exotic than stinky. I even made myself some lotion bars and foot fizzies with this scent so I'm covered in Yuzu and I don't even know what a Yuzu is.

Finally I made an old favorite, Mango and Papaya. It's not the end of the road though.

 I've got Coffee and Lavender  Sage in molds turning into soap as I speak. That's the end of the road for sure. I've got 99 bars that need to cure for the Spring giveaway. In six weeks. Watch this space.


  1. The bars are beautiful. I always think of butterflies and flowers when I see them.

  2. They all look AMAZING. If you could only post the aroma :)

  3. When in molds they look like yummy cakes!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of soap.....very pretty soap!

  5. I don't know what a YUZU is either. LOL

  6. Lime Margarita!! Oh my! I find it amazing and very heartwarming that you make all this soap to give away! A sweet gesture to throw out there to the world. Thank you!

  7. Our OLYMPIC routine is ending too. It has been a bit of an escape to watch it all. We've loved it. Your soap is smelling great in our upstairs shower right now!

  8. How beautiful! Look back on your older posts and see how much skill you have honed!
    These bars are going to make a splash!!! lol