Sunday, February 18, 2018

Salty and Sweet

 I've got spring fever and the cure has been to make spring soap. Meet Sea Salt and Driftwood. This is a hard to describe spa scent that is sprinkled with sea salt.

 Island Nectar has vanilla in it and I forgot about it. It played havoc with the colors as it darkens them but it smells wonderful.

 Zesty Lemon is the sweetest lemon scent I have. It's like a lemon poundcake. Yum.

 The new samples that just showed up are also sweet. As soon as it stops raining I'll get right on these. I hate to open my lye container with this humidity. It will just clump.

 I also made some new spring lip balm. I love this stuff. I've got these little pots all over the place so I am never without. I use the same recipe as the lotion bars I just add flavored oil instead of scent.

New butters. The Mister wants more scrubby coffee soap and I want some aloe soap for summer. Now I just need some dry weather.


  1. Your soaps are so pretty. The flavors sound wonderful. I have chapstick everywhere. I must have a dozen of them spread all around. My favorite is strawberry. I didn’t even know there was a strawberry flavor until a couple of years ago. Now I don’t like the others. :-)

  2. Lemon soap looks so sunny and springy!
    Does it mean that it is possible to use your lotion bars as lip balm?

    1. No-because the lotion bars have fragrance oil in them and not flavor oils which are approved for lips. Flavor oils taste yummy. I don't think the fragrance oils would hurt you but they wouldn't taste very good.

  3. I purchased a scrubby soap at a farmers market in IOWA. It has coffee and not sure what other ingredients. Man sells it, says it is for fish smells on hands. It works great, as hubby loves to fish. Love the new colors and scents.

  4. Oh, I can smell the lemon zest from here!
    Lovely results on the colors this time!

  5. Wow, the soaps look wonderful, especially that cheery Zesty Lemon.

  6. We finally got a sunny dry day here today. I'm going to wish it your way for you.

  7. Lemon!!!! Im still enjoying all the soaps and lotions you just sent. I cant bear to use the valentine heart lotion. It sits so pretty in the bathroom for all to adore

  8. The latest batch of soaps sounds yummy (hmmm, is that the right word for soaps?!) Anyway, in your last post you said that you and your husband agreed to work each day 10-2 until the bathroom project is done. I find it so easy to procrastinate on home projects, cleaning, etc.-- think I will try your 10-2 strategy and see if I can get more done... *sigh* thanks for the great idea!!

  9. Your lemon soap looks good enough to eat!