Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tour de Fleece Update

 I got off to a slow start this year but things are actually falling into place nicely.

I was disappointed my fancy fiber didn't show up in the mail but I love this Polwarth-the colors, the softness. I am smitten.

 The Traveller was supposed to be for the Polwarth I am washing but washing is going slower than I had hoped so I gave up on that and found some orphan fiber in the bin of lost woolies.

I made these terrible rolags last year out of the Tour leftovers from some Shetland I picked up at the MDSW. They are no fun to spin as they are a tangled mess but I am not going to waste them. They are this year's challenge.

 The Manx/flax fiber is spinning very nicely. I am surprised at how well it drafts. It  does feel like string though.

 I also dug out the boxes of spindle projects I pull out every Tour. This is my precious rainbow Cormo. I've been spinning these singles since 2013. I've got a big bobbin of them waiting to be plied. I think I am afraid to do it so I just keep spinning more. I'll be out of fiber soon.

 This jumble is the other spindle projects I have going at any given time. Most of them only see the light of day in July.

 Cotton. I love spinning this on my Spindolyn but it's way down the list of priorities.

 My Russian spindle. I also love using it but it's slow going. I've been spinning this same Mahogany Polwarth for several Tours now and I am bored with it.

My high priority spin is the fiber I brought home from this year's MDSW that is going to be the shawl I wear next year. I know I have already complained about how much I hate this fiber but I'm going on with it. It's just going to be a little shawl this year. Teeny tiny.

 Here is the newly washed Polwarth. It's lovely. I just took a lock, pre-drafted it with my fingers and spun it. No carding. No combing. It spun like a dream and is so soft.

 I can't spin for the whole length of the Tour anymore. My hands won't let me so I've been picking up the handspun projects to knit for the last hour of the morning. The Hap is on the decrease side. Yay.

I am also heading to the finish line on the mitts I am making from the braid I tore apart last winter and spun one color at a time. I really love how it looks knitted into colorwork. I'll have to be on the lookout for more fiber that has long color repeats when I head off to the SVFF in September. I better start saving my pennies.


  1. I sure wish you were close enough to give spinning lessons!

  2. Spinning just amazes me. I don't think it's something I'd ever understand. Your hap colors are beautiful. I can't wait to see this one all blocked out.

  3. So many fiber delights to call and please you!
    The new Polwarth roving is a beautiful color!

  4. Love your hap! Once I thought I'd like to spin...then I realized I was nuts - lol. I can't do all I want to do now...I can't add another project.

  5. Love the spinning and the Hap. So sorry about the car woes. Happy Tour!

  6. Wow....that's a lot going on and the Polwarth looks amazing. So soft looking.