Thursday, July 6, 2017


 That little package I got in the mail on Saturday exploded when I opened it. I have no idea how anyone shoved that much fiber into such a small bag.

 It was these folks actually. That's supposed to be only 18 ounces. It looks like a whole sheep to me. Or at least half.

I have never washed Polwarth before. I spin it a lot. It's very soft so I suppose it's going to be fragile during the washing process.

 It doesn't have clearly defined locks like some other sheep but I was able to pull off chunks. I am going to wash them one by one like I wash Merino.

 I bagged up some odds and ends to see what would happen in a mass scouring.

 The locks got the basin bit. See the bobby pins? I used those to hold the locks intact while they got their dunking.

 This particular batch washed up nicely.

The bag I washed is so so. I think it may be too fine for the carder. Combs maybe? I need to do some homework.

 My plan is to do the washing during the Tour and put them away for spinning later.  I hope to have a bag full by Paris.

Etsy just told me that the fancy fiber I had bought for the Tour hasn't even left California yet so I had to go stash diving once again for something to put on the sad little Ladybug that has been sitting empty all week. I picked this up at the MDSW in May. I should have just spun it in the first place.


  1. The transformation from dirty to white and fluffy is amazing. You inspired me to take out my dusty wheel, but I seem to forget how to spin :(

  2. UGH ...waiting for things to arrive by post is the WORST, but it looks like you have a pretty braid to work up while you wait.

  3. I've spun Polworth but never processed it from raw either-I would expect it to be like Merino, too. I like the dyed Polworth; it will be good to have a comparison yarn when you spin your own later.

  4. Well there you go......bobby pins! I could have used that tip for my last alpaca fleece. It was so soft and wasn't doing well gang washed in the laundry bag. Next time I'm going to use your bobby pin method. Looks like they get cleaner too.

  5. Green with Envy is just so so lovely. I really think the bits of purple/wine are perfection. As for the fleece, wow that is rather a whole sheeps worth in my inexperienced eyes!

  6. I always enjoy Araignee's Tour every year! At first I thought you got a new pet when I saw that first photo, but you know, I am not wearing my glasses, shh. Anyhow, excited to see how it all turns out. The actual race itself has been quite exciting and dangerous and escandalo !

  7. It'll be fun to watch you spin this up.. will you dye it first? I am curious, do you know what dip-dyed yarn looks like; I recently found a pattern that calls for it.