Monday, July 24, 2017

The End of the Road

The Tour didn't start until 10:30 yesterday morning so I had time to play before the trip to Paris.

 The last of the Cormo locks were a sticky mess so they got another washing. It was one of the first fleeces I ever washed and I did not do a very good job the first time around.

 Before the stage began all my projects were done. I sailed through this year's fiber with time to spare. The Hap is done too but that's a story for tomorrow.

Instead of spinning along I used another wheel-the drum carder. I thought I could get through all the remaining Shetland fleece. I wasn't even close. I've still got two bags left to do.

 Here are all the finished Polwarth locks that I washed. They will keep me busy for a while too.

When the bell rang for the last roundabout I was working on the cotton. I get so sad when it's all over. Tomorrow morning will seem so blah...

It had been raining in Paris and it was raining here when it was time to climb up on the podium. I love a rainy day but not when I am trying to take photos.

 Ta dah time for the Manx/Flax blend and the pretty Polwarth.

Ta dah time for the Mahogany Polwarth and the Cormo singles. Both of these have been in the works for several Tours. It is good to have them gone.

Ta dah time for the Shetland skein. I spun this fiber last year so it's joining the other two Shetland skeins until next year when I'll probably still be spinning the Shetland.  Even so, I can't wait. 


  1. Wonderful finish - congratulations! Can't wait to see your Hap!!

  2. What a great finish! I love the Cormo skein even if it was a bit harder to spin.
    Nice work!

  3. Oh my! Those are just beautiful. You got so much accomplished. I'm impressed by anyone who can watch that much bike riding. It's never been able to hold my interest. Blessings always, Betsy

  4. It is fun to see you so happy during the Tour and the SPIN. I think you accomplished so much. A yellow shirt for you too!

  5. What a wonderful result! I'm awarding you a maillot jaune! Chapeau!!

  6. Great job! I guess you've won. Glad to see some cotton weaving.

  7. Wow! You did good. That Shetland looks heavenly. I'm contemplating purchasing a drum carder....any advice on which one to get?

    1. I've got the smallest Strauch and I love it. I don't need anything bigger. It makes a nice fat batt that splits into plenty of spinning material.

  8. YAY for all that spinning!

    I have to admit .... some of the terms you use I don't understand, but I understand the part about making pretty yarn!!! CONGRATS!