Thursday, July 20, 2017

Little Ouchies

 I mentioned yesterday that I was not happy about the cut I got on my thumb on Monday. I've got spinning to do and boo boos slow you down. Here is the culprit. I was making soap when I cut myself on the broken lid of a fragrance oil. I must also mention that I got a giant papercut on the pinkie on the same hand last night. AND that I stuck a pair of scissors into the side of the same thumb trying to open a package yesterday. Am I a klutz or what?

 I'll forgive the bottle because it's one of my favorites. Witches Brew.

 I love this fragrance. I did a happy dance in Yankee Candle last year when I realized this was a knock off of one of their Halloween scents.

Twigs and Berries is another fall favorite of mine but it was a messy pour. You have to let the batter rest long enough to thicken to get a nice definition of color but I got impatient and it shows. Lesson learned. Slow it down.

Now they sit until the last week of August when I will start testing them. I've got lots more fall scents to make so I hope you are using up your bits and pieces for the fall giveaway in late September. I can't wait!


  1. Oh my goodness! You sound like me. I'm a "super klutz"! I hope all of your boo-boos are healing. I love the messy pour and think it's beautiful. It's amazing to me that you can wait so long you send it. I know I would be too impatient to wait that long.

  2. OUCH! That's a lot of wounds! Witches Brew sounds interesting. What scent (s) is it like?

    1. It's a light patchouli and cinnamon mix. I love it.

  3. Boy there's nothing worse than an ouchie on ones fingers when there's spinning or knitting to do. I'm sporting one myself at the moment. Looking forward to that fall soap your soap!!

  4. YIKES!!! You need to watch it. We can't have you getting hurt!!!!

    Hope everything heals up quickly.

  5. Good grief! Please be careful of your talented hands! "Cuts and scissors stabbing" - that sounds like a murder mystery title!
    Excited about your new soaps - Witches Brew is a wonderful fragrance. I shared the last samples with my 18 year-old granddaughter and she said she "felt so pampered"! Stay well and keep spinning!

  6. Your soap is amazing. I am still enjoying mine!

  7. I'm getting low on your samples so it is nice to see what you are up to! Your soaps are magnificent! (Sorry for the injuries-we hate to hear it but we need to slow down as we work now!)

  8. Oh NO!!! Finger issues are painful. So many nerves in them. Heal quickly!!! All of your soaps smell amazing. Seriously amazing

  9. I think you need to bubble wrap that hand before something else happens to it!