Friday, July 14, 2017

Dog Days

 Because of all the car drama last Thursday I missed my weekly visit to Daddio. When I go to the nursing home, I always pack a big bag of different things for us to do because I never know which Daddio I will find.

Lately he has just been wanting to read this same magazine over and over. He is always so happy to see the tiger.

 He wasn't very talkative yesterday. He just poured over the pictures occasionally calling out a word here and there. Whenever I miss a visit I find he is cautious. Almost shy.

 In the late afternoon the dining room is empty. It's nice to get him all to myself for a while in the quiet. We pull up to a sunny window and settle in.

 I knit. He reads. He did take notice of the yarn today. He wanted to help me pull it out. I had to discourage that since I can't knit as fast as he can pull. Luckily, it's easy to redirect his attention these days.

Wow....I had no idea what to expect as there is no picture on the ball band but I really like this colorway. They look like summer fun-even though they are hot, scratchy wool and man, it's hot outside. Hot. Hot. Hot.


  1. I'm so glad that you got to visit your Dad. I find it wonderful that you plan ahead and pack a bag. You are a great daughter.

  2. I think you and Daddio are lucky. You can still visit and interact with him, even if not on a level you might prefer. And he knows he is loved even if he isn't able to say so.

    Love the socks! It's hot here too. Almost too hot to live.

  3. It's pretty hot here too. I have to crank the AC up to knit. LOL Looks like Daddio knows a pretty yarn when he sees it too.

  4. I pray for you and Daddio. You are a patient and good daughter. TO pack things , a variety of things, Is such a kind thing to do. I love your socks self pattern! I hope it was as good a visit as It can be. Too dah loo

  5. You and Daddio ARE luck to have each other. glad you got a visit in this week. Funny/interesting that when you miss a week he becomes cautious or shy. That yarn is great!

  6. You are so good with your Daddi-o. I love that he wants to *help* you knit.

    That yarn will soften up a bit when you wash it. Give it some hair conditioner and it's really good.

  7. The visit was overdue for both of you-it did you both good. You are a great daughter, I'm glad you keep him company with the knitting, too, I think it calms both of you. Terrific yarn, btw!