Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sew Simple

 The blankety blank welcome quilt is done. Almost.  When I threw it in the wash a few seams popped so I've got to go applique some patches on it to hide the frayed edges while I keep repeating "done is better than perfect". I hate 1/4 inch seams. Hate. Them. Never again. It's 1/2 inch or nothing for me.

 I am happy about the back. That sticky batting is just what you need for machine quilting. Not a pucker in sight. Hallelujah.

 I am continuing my free motion adventure with some panels from clearance quilting collections. Thanks for the idea Cindy. It's just what I need.  I got them for about $2 a piece so ruining them is not a problem-though that red and white folksy one is awfully pretty.

While I was out scouting for panels I found this sewing themed material on clearance also.

 It is going to be this apron. It better be sew simple. I am not in the mood for drama. If this heat waves doesn't break soon I surely will go mad. Cabin fever has set in with a vengeance. Even being cranky isn't helping.

I also need to get back to work on what I hope isn't to become a permanent fixture of the dining room table. It's pretty but it needs to be done, done, done.


  1. Your finished quilt is beautiful! But I do understand about quarter inch seams. They can be a real pain. Your fabric finds are all very nice... I especially like the sewing themed one. We had a nice cool day today, but the heat is supposed to be back on high starting tomorrow. Oh well, it was nice to have a bit of a reprieve and at least we don't have the nasty humidity you guys deal with. Try to stay cool my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. The welcome quilt is fantastic-you did a great job, frayed seam and all! I practiced on panel quilts when I first got my frame-sorry I didn't think of it to tell you!

    1. YOU did tell me...I thanked Linda. Silly me-the brain is going.

    2. I edited it! Why I got you two mixed up, I'll never know.

  3. Sorry about the frayed edges because that quilt is wonderful. We are having storms all day today, I am loving this gray day it is such a nice reprieve from the heat.

  4. Your Dresden Plate is beautiful. Such happy colors!
    That quilt looks so complicated. It was worth dealing with the frayed edges.

  5. An apron is the perfect sew up!