Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Life After the Tour

 I am always at loose ends on the days following the Tour but it didn't take long for me to turn my attention elsewhere this year.

 I got a shipment of new to me fragrances and colors.

 Honeycrisp. I could eat it.

 Farmhouse Cider. It took me three times last year to get this one right. I think I nailed on the first try this year. It is a scary fragrance to work with but it smells so good it's worth the trouble.

 Fairy Garden. This smells just like what you would think a fairy garden would smell. I love it. I mucked up the top trying to get too fancy but I'll just pretend I don't see it.

Porridge is such a delicious fragrance that I put some in my tart warmer so I could smell it all day.

 I also talked The Mister into helping me make some graduation cards for his niece and nephew who will be celebrating this weekend. He grumbles about it and then totally gets into it. He designed these and did all the coloring. I think they turned out adorable.

Yesterday I managed to find the time to finish up the towel that was on the loom. The new warp is ready to go. Once again I have a big one and a small one.  I really have to figure out this measuring thing.

Finally I made two twiddle mitts to send off to Kathy B. They helped me work off the stress I was feeling after the health care vote. You know how much this means to Daddio who needs help paying his $10,000 a month nursing home bill-and that's just room and board. He also pays for medications, doctor visits and therapy just like the rest of us. Your hard earned assets don't go very far. Daddio's didn't. Everyone in need of care that can no longer be provided at home will need government assistance at some time. In a perfect world Daddio would still be home and I would still be cooking and cleaning for him but for his safety-and mine it was not to be.  I hope you let your congressmen know how you feel about seniors and the disabled being put out of nursing homes due to the Medicaid cuts. 40% of us who make it to 65 will end up in one someday. Think about your loved ones and how their lives will be affected when YOU become that burden. I do. It keeps me up at night.


  1. Wow, you've been busy with great stuff!

    I am so worried about our health care. On the one hand, it seems like they don't have support to do anything. But they are all just so sneaky and devious ...

  2. Super thankful to you for the mitt contributions!!!
    The towels came out amazing. Your rock. Your soap work as always, looks good enough to eat. As far as your husband and the cards, that is the cutest story.
    Prayers for our country and healthcare leadership that is helpful to our elderly!

  3. Oh, I am not even sure how to trust my fingers to type the words my heart wants to say about the health care situation. It is a very precarious time to be ill or old and I fear for those who don't have a strong voice or someone to help them.

    Yet,this blog post is so rich in your creativity and I'm so very thankful that I visit here every morning! Your soaps always make me smile and I know they must smell delicious! Your towel is so beautiful - that is such a wonderful accomplishment!

  4. Hmmm....Farm House Cider, Poradge, Honey Crisp.....I'm trying to imagine what all these yummy sounding fragrances smell like. Your house must smell amazing! There don't seem to be emough projects to relieve my stress over the mess this country is in right now! God help's just a MESS!!

  5. The Mister's cards turned out adorable! And your towels are fabulous. The soap fragrances sound amazing. All Fall-like. As for healthcare, I'm so nervous I could throw up. It's a huge mess.

  6. You turned all the stress into beautiful soap, towels and cards! Good work. The health care will work out's all the nonsense that takes forever and causes such stress. Hugs.

  7. You have been busy, busy my friend! Those cards are just the cutest thing. The Mister has hidden talents! Love the towels and the soap. I know Kathyb will be very grateful to receive those twiddle mitts. Love the yarn that you chose. These are worrisome days aren't they? Blessings, Betsy

  8. It's obvious that talent runs very deep in your family.

  9. The continued stress with the healthcare situation is keeping me up every night. Due to Little Buddy and all the other kids I work with but also all the people in need of care. If the politicians were required to have the same insurance, or lack of insurance they were voting for they would finally understand.