Saturday, July 15, 2017

TdF: Week 2

 I'm still washing just a bit of fiber everyday but it is paying off. I have a pretty big bag of clean Polwarth to show for it.

 This  ball of singles is a big ta dah moment for me. I am out of some of the colors I need of the Cormo locks so that's it for this project.

Before I could think about plying, all those teeny tiny Cormo singles had to be wound off onto a real bobbin. It was not fun. It took forever.

 Green with Envy is almost ready for plying too. I just have one more small nest of fiber to add this morning.

 I am on the second bobbin of my Shetland rolag adventure.

I ran out of my awful ones on Wednesday so I have to make more as I go which is slowing me down.

 The Manx and flax combo is also on its second bobbin.

I grew weary of the spindles so only this one is still going. I've decided that after the Tour I am switching this fiber to a wheel because I am out of patience with this nasty stuff.

I know I will miss it when it is over but at the moment the Tour seems all uphill. I am ready for Paris.


  1. Oooh! It's all pretty, but I REALLY like "Green with Envy." You sure can keep a lot of projects in the works.

  2. You are getting an amazing amount done! Good for you. I love hearing about your visits with Daddio, he seems like a very sweet man. I know they are hard on you. You are a fantastic daughter.

  3. You are staying the course Lady!! I dont think you have had any crashes! The Shetland is going to be so amazing when spun.

  4. Your are making great progress! It's like you are trying to win on 6 different bicycles! lol
    You are doing an amazing job!

  5. Nice Shetland rolags!! I'm working on white alpaca ones at the moment and having to roll as I go too so I can relate. Love that Green with Envy too!

  6. I don't know how you find the patience! But the results are beautiful!

  7. The only way i managed to join you in the race is by spinning tiny bit of cotton every day, and bamboo fibers on Saturdays.
    Your rolags are so cute!

  8. Great race! Love the green with envy especially.