Thursday, July 27, 2017

Something Big

 My mosaic sampler blanket should be done. Should.

 It's me size and I said it was going to be done after the last four strips were added but I dunno....

I think I may want to do just one more set of border strips. The deal with this thing is that I was using up my late Aunt's Red Heart Stash. She had a closet full and I couldn't just put it into the dumpster. The problem is that I am out of any of her colors that would work except for maybe adding more of the dark green. I want that blue, that dark blue leftover from the middle for the last four strips but I can't find it anywhere. Do I cheat and go buy some? What to do...

 In case you are wondering, all four sides are on loooooong cables so those are all live stitches. Look what I did. I broke one of the end caps when I stepped on it during the photoshoot. Losing all those stitches would have been bad. Very bad.


  1. Oops! That could have been bad if those stitches fell off. It's a gorgeous blanket. I don't think it would be cheating if you had to find something that matchs to finish it.

  2. That would have been way more than bad! I'm not sur one could recover from losing that many stitches. Yikes

  3. Close Call! Glad just the top broke off. If the blue is what you want, I say go for it.

  4. My goodness, this is beautiful! Close call on almost losing those stitches!!! I wouldn't go and buy some more yarn-the green is in the blanket already so it will make a nice dark frame for the mosaic sections!
    (I am going to visit my parents next week and I have the instructions and yarn packed to work my first mosaic stitches and teach my Mom!)

  5. Ooh that's tough. The green would look nice, but I think the blue would be even better.
    I say - you've put so much work into this, go ahead and cheat and make it how you really want.

  6. Kudos to you for finishing up and using all that yarn from your Aunt. So sweet of you. I love it as is, but only you can know what you will be happy with in the end!

  7. Bigger is always better. Bigger = more snuggle room. Go for the yarn! You won't be sorry.