Monday, July 3, 2017

Off to a Slow Start

 Saturday morning I got up at 5:30 to handle the critters so The Mister could go off to a golf tournament. By nine my Etsy bundle had showed up but it was too hectic to do anything with it.

The Tour was just background noise as I took care of the daily chores and then met with the chimney guy who was supposed to come on Friday afternoon but showed up Saturday morning instead. Fleece washing will have to wait. And now the holiday is upon us. Jeesh.

 I did pick this out of the stash to spin when I get time to spin. It's something new to me.

Well, hello big guy. That's a Manx Loaghtan and in this fiber his fleece has been mixed with some Shetland and some flax. It's not very soft so it will have to be something for the house I think. It may be weaving. A table runner or something? I dunno. I can't think that far ahead. I keep waiting for that rut I've been wanting to fall into since I retired. Everyday it's go, go, go and I don't seem to be getting anywhere.


  1. I don't know ...........I think you're getting everywhere. The amount of things you make is dizzying!!!

    Have fun with the Tour de Fleece!

  2. I don't spin but I knit during the Tour. The rain made me thankful to be here sitting in my chair with my needles and ever-growing shawl. I'm looking forward to seeing your wheel spinning away!

  3. I agree with Dee....I could never keep up with you!!

  4. You spinners just amaze me! Keep the wheel spinning!

  5. Keep searching for that rut-it's gotta be there! The new fiber looks very interesting; will like to hear how you like to spin it!

  6. Staying on the move keeps you healthy!