Wednesday, July 19, 2017


We had a day that was forecast as not going all the way to 90 so we decided to get up at 5:30,  pack up the dogs and head to the beach. That's iced coffee btw. I'm a new convert. That's a bandaid on my thumb. Of course I got a nasty cut on the last few days of the Tour. Of course.

It sounded like a good idea but we didn't factor in the sun. It was coming up over the water and it felt like we were under a magnifying glass.

 We haven't been down to the water since the dog days descended upon us.

 Everything looked overgrown.

It was a jungle out there.

 This is the mermaid sculpture in Sunrise Park. The Big Grand is scared of it. Me too.

 Back at home I have a few blooms to show off.

My impatiens all rotted from the stem last year by this time. I hope this year they are keepers. It's nice to have a bit of color here and there.


  1. I have heard how hot it is there. We've been blessed with just a bit of a cool down, BUT, and it's a big thing, at least we don't have any humidity to speak of here. Sorry about your cut. We both seem to be a bit accident prone. :-). Pretty flowers and I hope they continue to do well this year.

  2. My favorite time to go to the beach - early, early a.m. Everything looks so lush there! And that mermaid sculpture is just plain weird (and scary).

  3. Nice to see the beach even if you couldn't dwell long there. Sorry about the cut-it is a pain-on a LOT of levels! Pretty impatiens!

  4. Yikes....that's one scary looking mermaid!

  5. It's been difficult to get out because of the heat - I'm not sure that the mermaid would have been inspiration - she's really kind of scary! Hope your cut heals quickly!

  6. Oh my gosh . . . that mermaid IS scary!!! Looks like you had a lovely day to be out and about though.

    We had a good day early, but north of us they got some pretty strong thunderstorms. We just got a bit of rain.