Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th!

 If it's the 4th, we've got crabs.

And corn.

 We went to Daughter's house to celebrate on Sunday. #2 Son and his lady friend flew down from Detroit for the weekend. It was nice to see them.

We had beer. It tickled me to see that #1 Son brought Rolling Rock because Mom, the Queen of Crabs, always drank it when she picked the crabs she had caught for us. It's nice that my kids think of her.

 It was also a special day for the Baby Grand, our Star Spangled Baby. Where does the time go? He isn't a baby anymore.

 Off he goes with his bag of junk I bought him for his birthday. He has a beach towel, a light up bug box filled with plastic bugs and some squirt guns which were a big hit and some sand toys. I also bought him and the Big Grand harmonicas (!) for their road trip to the Carolina beach in September.

Pup was worn out. She's not too fond of kids so trying to keep out of their way was exhausting for her.

 The fireworks are over and done with in our little town. They were also on Sunday night. Tonight I am going to curl up in my comfy chair with one of these and watch Independence Day-the original. I love that movie. It gets me everytime.

And for my last bit of the red, white and blue-the Welcome Quilt top is finished. Now begins the scary part of quilting it. It's going to be walking foot only. I am definitely taking the easy way out.
Happy 4th!!!


  1. Such a great post-the food looks great and to be able to share it with family makes it perfect! Carrying his own bag-it is SO 2!
    The quilt turned out beautifully; nice work!

  2. You got Bomb POPS! Now the 4th can REALLY be celebrated.

  3. The 4th is exhausting for my hooligans too. It's definately not their favorite holiday.

  4. Looks like you've had a great holiday so far!

  5. NOthing wrong with taking the easy way out! Nothing at all. Love the oreo cake..was it so good? Happy 2 to the big boy. Your corn looks amazing too. Happy 4th

  6. Crabs .... (sigh). When we lived in MD, we loved crabs. Then our children decided they loved them and turned their noses up at anything else so it became very expensive and we had them less. But they sure are delicious! And you bought harmonicas? You are a very brave woman!! My daughter probably would never speak to me again if I gave her kiddos harmonicas! Happy 4th!!

  7. Happy Fourth to you, too. That corn looks yummy! What is it with GK and pets? Our cats vaporize as soon as they walk in the door, only to return when the coast is clear. Nice quilt; I LOVE it!