Friday, July 21, 2017

Running Out of Road

 There is not much time left in this year's Tour so ouchies or not, I'm still riding the wheel every morning.

The Cormo singles have been a real pain to ply. They are very thin from being drop spindle spun and keep breaking but I keep fixing them and going on.

 I moved the pink drop spindle project to an empty wheel.

 This is the nasty fiber that was not playing nice. It's very odd as you can see. It's "shreddy" and is full of little neps and noils that snarl everything up.

 It's looking pretty good on the wheel though.

 It's also terribly bouncy so the tension the wheel puts on it is helping. This may work.

I also took all the singles from the Russian spindle that I was bored with and wound them on a bobbin to ply on the ladybug. I finished up the last of the fiber on the wheel so the difference in thickness should be interesting when I get there.

Finally, I've gotten my second wind with the cotton. So much so that my head is telling me to pick up some more at the SVFF if I get there this year.  I'll be spinning this forever but all the same, I think I want a cotton stash, right?


  1. The cotton on the spindle looks like an ultra-modern Christmas tree. LOL

  2. Well of course....every self respecting spinner-knitter needs a cotton stash. That's just a fact. :-)

  3. It's all so pretty - even that stuff you say is a pain. Gorgeous shades.

  4. What? No cotton stash. You must. Really you must!

  5. Spinning absolutely fascinates me but I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

  6. Love it all...even the dreaded Cormo. Well of course you need a cotton stash. Every knitter does!

  7. I have to admit that I didn't understand a lot of this post, but I'm glad there are spinners so the rest of us have yarn!