Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Window Shopping

 I went out to lunch with my old work buddies the other day and the place we eat at is right next to a Home Goods. That's always bad for the pocketbook and the waistline. First I saw this cute as a button water bottle that looks like a soda bottle. Sold. Then it was this mini popcorn popper for the microwave. Mine is too big. I make a tub. I eat a tub. I don't need a tub. This makes just the right size for a snack attack. Sold.

 Mmmmmm......my morning crumpets could use some upscale sweets. Sold.

Finally I debated whether I really needed these cookies after all that Easter candy I scarfed down last week. I ate a whole box of Peep chicks and a whole box of Peep bunnies and you know what...they were GOOD. Who knew. I decided I did indeed need the cookies but I am only allowed one a day for dessert. At 110 calories they are much too dangerous to be just a snack.


  1. What fun! I would like the cookie a day treat, too!

  2. I need that popcorn popper for the microwave. I always just used a brown lunch bag...until it caught fire in the microwave that last time (several months ago). Haven't had popcorn since....love Home Goods!

  3. Moderation!!! You ONLY got a water bottle a great sized popper and mmmmm ginger snaps! You done good!

  4. Cute drink bottle and I'll have to see if our Home Goods has that popcorn popper. That looks perfect for us.

    Peeps ----- you have hit my downfall --- STALE Peeps. I can't have them around or I WILL eat them all.

  5. Great.....now I'm craving ginger snaps!