Friday, April 22, 2016

Purple Rain

I spent a lot of time studying Prince last year.

 If you remember, we did a Purple Rain number in last year's skating production.

For months my sewing room was awash in purple while I tried to capture his royal princeliness.

 It was a challenge. There was a lot of ruffling involved.

I even spent weeks sewing purple raindrops on three huge pieces of scenery that were camped out in my living room.

We won two gold medals capitalizing on his genius.

Lately it seems like we lose someone special almost everyday.
I'm still not over Bowie.


  1. You must be especially sad. But thanks for the comic. That helps a little.

  2. Sorry to see anyone so young die but I am not pop culture aware.

  3. I'm not over Bowie... and now Dave is completely heart broken over Prince. It's been a bum year.

  4. I am so sad, David Bowie and Prince all in one year!

  5. Well, it's a fact. The stars that we loved in our teen/young adult years are getting up there in age.

    Sad, but true ---- and we are following right along behind. :-(

    In my mind --- I'm still a kid, but my aching body tells me different. LOL

  6. WHy do so many creative geniuses (is that a word) use drugs and die early . :( Life seems especially difficult for the successful..