Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Old Things

 I am constantly moving things around in the sewing room and I am always running into Daddio's stuff. After cleaning out his house last summer I've got piles of it, finished and unfinished, everywhere. I hated this table runner when we made it but now it doesn't look so bad on my table. That's one thing gone from the pile.

 Then there is this almost finished flannel lap quilt. It's been giving me a guilt trip for months now.

 It was the last one he worked on before things went south. I drug out the machine and put the last few stitches in the ditch that completed the thing.

It will live on the dining room table now until the binding is sewn on.

Talking about guilt trips, I've been also been ignoring his almost finished last paper piecing project and it's starting to get to me. A row or two a day won't kill me, will it? This may even
 turn out to be a fun quilting project if I can ever get it together.


  1. Those projects will keep Daddio sweetly in your memory. Won't it be nice to have items that you BOTH worked on!

  2. Yippee! Giving life to these projects will do you good and make good memories.

  3. It's nice to see some of his projects again. I've missed seeing all his quilting work.

  4. Gah! You're making me want to quilt now - I don't have the time!

  5. No need for guilt. I'm sure that is now how he would have wanted you to feel.