Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Soap: April Giveaway!

 I know, I know...nobody needs anymore of my soap but I still have a stash I need to part with because I have an enormous cure happening at the end of the month.

 To encourage takers, I'm adding a skein of this pretty yarn. It's fingering weight merino and silk in the Vino colorway.

If you spin, I will also add these two adorable little 1 oz. batts. They are alpaca, merino and mohair in the Red Hot Cinnamon colorway and they are soft as a cloud. They also have a little sparkle in them and are much prettier than they look here.  I need to cull the fiber herd in anticipation of the MDSW that is in just a few weeks. You can only have so many pet batts and these are too sweet not to be spun.

Speaking of the MDSW, I will also throw in two of the stitch markers I made for a marker swap that we had a few years ago. I came home with a lot of new ones plus all my leftovers. I don't find mine particularly useful but once in awhile I do find them handy if I have to mark something odd that's about to happen.

 The soap is the same old, same old plus some new kids on the block. The standby face soap is to die for as is the coffee soap. It barely smells like coffee and it has just a touch of grounds for exfoliating. What it is, is soft and creamy and I happen to love it but I am already the owner of several more bars. I made a huge batch. The Lavender and Lanolin soap was made to wash my socks but I loved it so much that it got repurposed as people soap. It's lovely. You won't be disappointed in this one even if you just use it to wash your socks.

Then there is the newly cured Green Tea & Honey and the wildly tropical Yuzu. I cut most of the Yuzu bars in half into sample sizes because I suspect it is a scent where a little goes a long way. I like it but it is unusual. It does feel wonderful though. That babassu oil is heavenly and you can never go wrong with coconut milk. It makes for some crazy bubbles.

Speaking of tea, I'll also add a little tin of my favorite loose leaf herbal tea from Adagio's Tea for Knitters collection. This is ridiculously delicious and so much fun to make when you are in the mood to treat yourself. It will be joined by another of my favorite herbal teas. I got hooked on rooibos teas after reading the #1 Ladies Detective series. It was Mma Ramotswe's favorite-mine too.

Finally, I also will throw in one of the lotion bars made in the new bee mold. It smells like Milk and Honey and is full of shea and mango butter. You can't have enough of these. They are great for throwing in your purse or even your knitting bag. I am soooo addicted to them. I've even got The Mister using them.

To enter, message me on Ravelry ( I'm araignee) and I will randomly generate a winner from the number of responses in the order they are posted at noon next Saturday, April 23rd. I do ship across the pond so no matter where you are-enter. If for some reason you are not on Ravelry tell me in the comments and I'll stick you in line using the time of your post.
Good luck!


  1. I for one will always have a need for you wonderful soaps....I love them! You've got me hooked! And all those other goodies too?! Count me in....I'm heading over to Ravelry now!

  2. Who can resist a giveaway?! And wow this is a very generous one indeed 😀 I've msged you on ravelry

  3. Woo-hoo! Christmas in April! You are too sweet; thanks for sharing all this goodness!

  4. Oh oh a Lovely giveaway. I doubt you need to encourage takers. I can vouch for your amazing lotion bars!!

  5. You are so kind to do this giveaway. Thank you so much.

  6. I'm not even half way through all the soap you sent me earlier. (Currently one a oink grapefruit bar that is absolute HEAVAN!) I love those little bee lotion bars though. Soooo cute!

  7. You certainly have a generous heart! (And very crafty hands!)

  8. Love your soaps! And would love some more!
    Woodfrogs on Ravelry


  9. I'm going to give others a chance at this one, since I was lucky enough the last time you had a give away. Just want to second what everyone else has said. . . your soaps are AWESOME!!!! I love the ones you sent and my face has never felt so good! :-)

  10. Wow! What a fabulous give-away. Like Dee, I will give others a chance since I only recently received a lovely box from you. And, yes, your soaps and lotion bars are AMAZING!!