Thursday, April 14, 2016


 Can you stand a few more birthday cards? I made another one for The Mister last night. I printed off three different colored cake cliparts and then cut and pasted them on cardstock, a trick I learned..where else? YouTube.

That job was made easier with my new Cutter Bee scissors. I went to the mailbox everyday for a week and a half waiting for these babies to show up. It was the one time in recent memory that Amazon didn't have what I needed at the door in a flash. They were worth waiting for though.

Here are two more from the card kit. I used the stamps and my new embossing gear with my white gel pens. Note to self: You need sequins. Buy some in lots of fun colors. Everything looks better when it sparkles.

As I've mentioned, today is The Mister's birthday and here he is with Daughter doing what he likes best-chasing a ball around with a stick.


  1. Such a sweet pic of your husband and daughter!

    Thanks for your kind words about teaching homeless kids. I can't say a whole lot on my blog, but I have some really traumatized kids with hard lives this year. Counting the days!
    Love your cards. And I love my Cutter Bee scissors, too!

  2. As usual . . . cute cards! Hope the Mister had a good round!

  3. Happy Birthday to the Mister!
    Love your cards, especially the cake one :)
    Have a great day,

  4. Wow That is an unusually long wait for Amazon. They're really cool looking scissors though so totally worth the wait. Birthday wishes to the Mister!!!

  5. You do an outstanding job at all your endeavors! Nice work on the cards! I like sparkle on the cards I am it up!
    Happy Birthday to the Mister!

  6. They are darling together, love all of your cards.