Saturday, April 16, 2016

Quilty Things

 This week I plowed through several of Daddio's ancient sewing projects. It helps to plop it all on the dining room table. I can't ignore it.

 This was his last pieced project. I finally got the border on it. One of the last things he did in the sewing room was to cut all the squares and then bundle them together the way he wanted them sewn and that's exactly what I did. Here it is in all its wonky glory. Now it just needs to be sandwiched and quilted and it will be another done deal. The pile is getting smaller.

 Speaking of a done deal, the flannel lap quilt is done. Completely done.

 I'm going to take it to show him and then send it off to who he intended it for. He always had someone in mind when he made things.

Last but not least, I did make some headway on his pieced tumbler quilt top. It fits together better than this. I am working on the middle section that helps it all make sense but you get the idea. When it's all together I will have to do something with the edges so it too can be sandwiched and finished. One day soon, hopefully, I will actually get to do a quilting project that's mine from start to finish. My pile is pretty big too.

Thanks to everyone who left me suggestions on that little cross stitch project that is giving me fits. I'm putting them all to use and things are starting to feel better. I just may end up kicking its arse.


  1. Such dutiful pieces. I'M looking firward to seeing the tumbler quilt finished, I think it's my favourite :)

  2. Nice progress on your Dad's quilt pile. They look so nice. I'm hoping he will like running his hands down the lap quilt and feeling the flannel. It just might spark a memory moment.

  3. Your dad is an amazing guy! So glad you finished his projects. I love the Dresden plates and the tumbler one, too. It's backing is awesome. Nice work!

  4. You dad's projects always amaze me. I love the way he put together the last one. I really do. Hows he doing?

    1. Right now he's in a good phase. He knows me and can even recall the names of other family members. That makes it harder. He wants to come home. Sigh.....

  5. The flannel quilt looks so comforting.

  6. I love the flannel lap quilt. It's sad that there will be no more quilts from him. He was such a talented quilt maker. Hope he's is doing ok.

  7. I think it's great that you two had these projects to work on together. The memories I'll have of working with my Dad are mostly of him yelling at me for not sanding body work on the car the way he wanted, or for getting brake dust all over the place when he taught me how to change my brakes. (Though I will always love him for the fact that he tries to teach me... he's just not very patient). Maybe one day my Dad will get crafty.