Saturday, April 2, 2016

Little Blossoms

 While everyone who lives up the hill in the sunshine are enjoying their spectacular blooming trees, we down here in the valley have to be content with smaller things.

 Some of the green stuff blooms this time of year. It's not obvious. You have to go looking for it.

 I love violets.  Right now the back is carpeted in them.

 Out in the woods those little funny umbrella looking things are popping up everywhere.

Here's one close up. You just know they are an alien species planning on taking over the world. They scare me.

 The ferns are being kind of creepy right now too.

 The hostas make me want to eat asparagus. Pass the hollandaise please.

 These are pretty. They are growing on something that looks a lot like marijuana. It's not. If it was we'd be rich. We're not.

Here is traumatized Pup trying to hide under a pillow. While I was out photographing the flora she encountered her first bee of the season. It wasn't pretty. It's going to be a long summer.


  1. Poor puppy! Those bees can be mean. Love your flower photos!

  2. Oh poor baby!!! Did she get stung?? That's so painful. Hope she's not allergic to them.

    1. No. It just landed on her back and that was enough for a full blown panic attack that lasted for hours. She's quite the drama queen.

  3. I love the little wood violets...I miss them!
    The umbrella things, if I remember correctly, are mayapples! Poor pup!

  4. Thanks for the lovely flowers. Arizona wild flowers were rather scarce this year! My dog, Duffy, runs from flies, don't know what he would do with a bee!

  5. Spring... It is so beautifu!

  6. We're in for another few inches of snow. BOO!!!!