Wednesday, April 6, 2016

On the Needles

 It doesn't seem like it but there is knitting going on. Everyday. All day here and there. I just turned the heel on the second Retro sock.

 Regina Marie looks like this now. I do half of the 16 row pattern in the morning and the other half at night. I need to do this 26 times and I think I have done about 22 so far.

 It's hard to get an idea what is going on because of the unusual construction. It doesn't lie flat. It's all joined together as you make that edging. It's a bit awkward but it's still a fun knit.

 The back of Son's second gray cardi is done. Now I am on the fronts. I am doing them at the same time on separate needles.

 Speaking of fronts, White Pine is all done except for her front bands. I have to do the pick up and knit thing and I have to be in the mood to do that. I'm pretty sure the mood won't strike me until fall so it's officially in time out during the warm weather months.

 The gray socks I am making from Son's first gray cardi leftovers have been heading to the toe for an eternity it seems. I'm still walking and knitting almost everyday on them but like that 10 pounds I am trying to lose, they are going nowhere.


  1. Good projects all! Regina Marie is gorgeous. Love those colors.

    Maybe we could work together on those pounds. I have a whole lot more than 10 to lose, but I sure could use a push now and then to get working on that. LOL

  2. I'm in the 'Lose 10 club'! I love the knitting going on here; sweaters, socks and wow, the shawl!

  3. I love your Regina Marie! Those colors are amazing....totally says Spring! Very pretty! I'm still working up to doing a the moment it's still mulling around in my head.

  4. the Regina Marie -- so beautiful. What is the yarn for the first pair of sox -- it is really pretty. And, I will join in on the pounds to lose as well (more than 10 for me)...always a struggle.....

    1. It's Handpainted Stroll in Retro from Knit Picks.

  5. Happy Happy Heel turn. WInk wink.
    Love the Regina Marie and the WHite pine! I love the yarn colors in Regina Marie

  6. OH - I would not be able to leave White Pine - I'd have to finish it right up. Of course, is so cold here right now!
    Regina Mari is going to be beautiful - I love the day flower pattern

  7. Wow you have been getting down with the Knits Araignee! Lots of pretty things but boy do I know what you mean about needing to be in the mood to pick up those stitches...

    Right now, I just need to feel the needles. Truly honestly.

  8. You do have so many projects going on, all of them are really wonderful. Good luck with the finishes,