Thursday, April 7, 2016

Something New

 Once upon a time there were four pretty fiber braids that were bought at the MDSW.

 Daughter gave them to me for Mother's Day a few years ago.

 It took several Tour de Fleeces to spin them and then they were stashed away.

 Now that White Pine is in time out, her spot is being filled by yet another attempt at a handspun Featherweight. This one will be striped. My first try was a disaster of epic proportions when it grew to a ginormous size during blocking. Hopefully the BFL will play more nicely than the naughty Merino did.

 When I was swatching it I discovered the needle size I needed was in use so I took the opportunity to try out Knit Picks new Majestic needles.

They are blue and purple and have spiffy black cords. Sadly, while waiting for them to show up in the mail I discovered they weren't going to be the right size for gauge after all. I'll have to figure out another project for them. They are just too pretty to ignore.


  1. Those needles ARE pretty, but not nearly as pretty as all that spun up yarn. What a pretty color combination!

  2. Beautiful yarn! I love seeing your projects.

  3. The yarns play well together! The shawl will be very pretty; I'm sorry the needles didn't get to hold this shawl!

  4. You mean Im not the only knitter with disasters of epic proportion? Ifeel so much better now. Those needles are at my LYS. The ladies just love them.....

  5. You all ways come up with such pretty color combinations!! Love those needles too. I'm very tempted to order some but mt little Hooligans always find them and chew on them. I had to go with the Knit Picks metal interchangeables.

  6. Your knits are so fun pretty. I don't know how to explain they seem cheerful! Even the older knits seem to compliment all the other things you have going on. These new needles are interchangeable? I'm dying to hear your review...

  7. I have a set of knitpick needles, I love them because they are very pointy. Love the yarn you have spun, the colors are gorgeous.