Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Cure

I was flattened by one of those headaches that began Sunday and lingered into Monday. Monday, however, was one of the most gorgeous days we have had in ages. I was itching to try out my new umbrella. March winds claimed my old one.

My usual cure for those headaches, the ones that make me feel like I just came on shore from a rough sea voyage, is caffeine. The Mister was nice enough Sunday night to run out for some. Ahhh....I just may survive.

 The warm sunshine and cool breeze finished off that nasty headache once I felt well enough to drag the bazillion boxes and bags of fiber I had stashed all over the house outside for a good going over. Soon it will be too hot to even think about wool so I needed to get this done-especially before the mosquitos keep me pretty much housebound all summer.

 I had tons of little projects that had no hope of completion. Out they went.

If I couldn't name them, out they went.

 Some vintage projects got spared. I've been working on this pile of Cormo locks for years. Since 2013, in fact.

 Finley, the Shetland, got a few more batts carded and pulled into spinning nests.

 I found this lovely bag of dyed Merino locks.

 Some of them got carded to see what would happen.

 This happened. I think they are nice.

 This huge tub of mystery fiber was on the block but I decided to give it a test before I tossed it.

 I carded a batt and pulled it into nests.

 This is one batt's worth of singles.

 I chain plied them and knit a swatch right off the wheel.

I was trying to figure out if it was itchy or not. I just wasted a year on a project that was too itchy to wear. I'm looking at you Crepidula. I tried to wear it twice but I felt like I was wearing a porcupine. It will make good insulation next winter in the outdoor kitty huts. I am happy to say this one passed the neck test so all that fiber is back in the closet until I have the inclination to spin it. The little swatch got washed and I am also happy to say it didn't do anything weird after getting wet. Now I have to go find the blog post where I explain where all this fiber came from and why it's in all these glorious colors. That should keep me busy for a while.

Thanks to all that entered the April giveaway! I have read all your messages (so sweet) and I will announce the winner(s) on Sunday. Good luck!


  1. For someone with a horrible headache, you got A LOT done! Congrats.

    Hope you are feeling ALL better real soon.

  2. There's nothing like Pepsi to tackle a screaming headache! Glad you perked enough to play with wool!

  3. You are not alone Deb. I have made itchy sweaters and so regretted it. I pretty much am resigned to buy cotton sweaters. I see folks wearing their gorgeous knits, (aka Stefanie at Wooly Cakes) and I itch for them.

  4. That headache doesn't sound fun but all that pretty pastel fiber does look fun.

  5. Being productive in the sunshine is the best. I was plagued with a headache all day yesterday as well. I think my lack of sleep is the biggest contributor. I really need to go through every nook and cranny of my apartment and get rid of the things that will not move forward in use. Also, how much do I love "felt like I was wearing a porcupine"? hahaha!

  6. So sorry about your headache. I go for caffeine, too, but I like to combine it with Advil.

  7. You seem to have a treasure island at home!

  8. So sorry about your headaches, I get them too and they are just horrible. I love all of your fiber.