Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Soap: Tropical Dreams

I've been wrapping the latest small batch of cured soaps.

Some of the early spring scents are going to new homes, some went on Easter. I really like the new fragrances. I wish I'd made more. I always wish I'd have made more and then I remember that I can. Duh.

 Maybe I just like to walk around looking like this. It's my favorite outfit these days. Can I get any goofier? Probably.

 The weather took a nasty turn last week so I made some happy, fruity smelling soap. First up was Island Nectar. It is one of my all time favorites. It smells like passion fruit and sugared citrus. I really want to eat it. It was so gray and dreary outside I went a little crazy with the colors but I like it. It will be a good summer soap.

 Next up was a new scent, Aqua Spa. It's really pretty but oh, my that fragrance is strong even though I went well below the lowest side of the usage chart as I always do. Maybe it will cure out in time. We'll see. In it's favor it is full of aloe and coconut milk so it won't be all bad.

Then there was my favorite Beach fragrance from last summer. It's light and airy filled with sea clay and kelp. I was not happy with how the colors were working out and I didn't make enough batter but it turned out to be a sweet little bar in spite of it all.

Finally, I decided to give Monkey Farts another try. I hated it in glycerin soap. It was harsh and very acidic smelling but in cold process soap it smells lovely. The heat from the lye must change the fragrance for the better. Now I can smell the bananas, oranges and coconut cream. Since I couldn't decide what color monkey farts should be, I exercised restraint with this one. Sometimes less is more-especially when you are dealing with farts.
Now I have to wait six long weeks before giving these little wonders a try. Boooooo.....


  1. Your soaps are so beautiful, I bet they smell amazing! Love the photo of you.

  2. I feel really stupid, but I'm not sure what the head gear is (and you look fabulous in it). Is it for soap-making? Bee-keeping?
    Your soaps look and sound scrumptious!

    1. Yep. It's for soap. You have to wear lots of gear when you get out the lye.

  3. I love your get up! The charcoal soap you sent me is so nice and it is not getting gloppy or falling apart. That was a good recipe!
    If it doesnt warm up here today I'm going to cry. Seriously

  4. These newest batches look delightful! I love the colors but would not find a a desire to have monkey farts for my scent of the day! lol
    I love the lavender bar I'm using from appeals to me color-wise and scent and glides on so smoothly. Yup, you are a great saponifier!

  5. I just love how your soap looks; pretty as a picture. My sister says she will teach me to make soap. I want to learn. Thanks for motivating me to learn!