Friday, April 10, 2015

Two Down

 I'm actually getting pretty good at knitting with this thing on. My tension isn't great but at this point I'm looking to get things done not for perfection. It's been almost four months now and it's getting close, real  close to being over. I can't wait.

Tah daaa...the Seychelles shawl and the Galliano vest are finally off the needles.

The bind off for the shawl was scary. It has to be tight to form the curve of the cresecnt but it felt weird to do it.

It looks right even if it felt wrong. Blocking will tell but it's too cold and drizzly to play in water today.

I also had issues with the armholes of the vest. They stick out in a poufy 80's sort of way. Maybe some blocking will relax them so they hang right. I guess I'm narrower across the top than Dumpy Debbie so I didn't see this coming. I'll figure out a way to fix it. I almost always do.


  1. Yay for finished items even with your'handicap' ! They are both very pretty!

  2. Gosh, that's an awkward thing on your thumb! At first I thought it was one of the tools for knitting with several colors but then saw it was on your poor thumb. Glad to hear you'll be healed soon! Nice finishes!!!

  3. Look at you go! I never judge anything until it's blocked -it's amazing what blocking can fix!

  4. Im amazed at you. That poor thumb injury. You have shown us all how to hang in there! I cannot believe the way you can knit with the issues!

  5. Whoo hoo! look at that knitting or those finished objects I should say! Excellent work. I'm kind of afraid at how productive you're going to be when your thumb is able to craft wild and free with complete abandon, ha!