Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stick a Fork In It

The Galliano vest is a done deal.

I hated the armhole edging so after blocking, I ripped it out. It really doesn't need any since it's still too wide in the shoulders.

 Here are the official mug shots. Back.

 Lace hem.


I was a bit meh about the whole thing until I remembered it started out looking like this....

 ....and then this. I keep thinking that this yarn could have been put to better use with a pattern more suited for wonky handspun. Oh, well. You can't win them all.


  1. Put it lovingly away and you will be thrilled to wear it come Fall; it is beautiful!

  2. Looks pretty darn good to me - I think it will look great over a long-sleeved tee!

  3. No no no you have it all wrong . ITS FANTASTIC. Really I love the sublet color changes and the shape. You are going to wear it all the time.

  4. Looks to me like a very versatile garment that will go with almost anything. And to think you made it ALL! Awesome!

  5. I love it - the pattern and the colour variegation. When you spend hours working on something you become a bit blind to it, I'm sure one day when you look at this with fresh eyes you'll love it too.