Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Monday FO

 Those giant man socks are done. Thanks to Mr. Thumb they took forever to get finished.

I'm still amazed that the stripes matched up. I'm not sure how I pulled that off but I'll take the credit.

These are intended for someone who is not a fan of the kitties so they are getting a wash with some Allerpet C. I swear by this stuff for removing the protein that causes cat allergies. It works for me. I wash the entire house with it.

After they dry they are getting popped into a plastic bag and sent off up North. Next winter these should come in handy as super warm house socks for an assistant district attorney with cold feet.


  1. The socks are a good finish-so pretty! Great stripe matchng!

  2. Awesome socks! They are a perfect finish. Never heard of the allergy protein wash! I'll pass that one along!
    YOUR grass is GREEN!!!!!

  3. They look great! Giant man socks are always a slog!

  4. Love the socks. Congrats on matching the stripes. I rarely try to match anymore.

  5. I really love the Giant man socks. It's great the stripes worked out, but honestly that colorway is dreamy it wouldn't have mattered anyhow.