Monday, April 6, 2015

Real Easter

 We had Easter dinner at Daughter's house.

 Her hubby was hard at work prepping the green stuff. This is usually Middle Son's job but he was MIA this year. We missed him.

 My contribution to the festivities was store bought potato salad guessed it-soap. I made a basket for the ladies in attendance.

 Daughter made a mean gluten free matzo ball soup.

 The rest of the meal consisted of the Easter regulars. It was all yummy.

 After dinner we had an egg hunt. Pup was a giant pain. She thought the eggs were for her and wouldn't leave them hidden.

 They were for Grandson who takes his egg hunting very seriously.

 He was a constant source of entertainment. Two is a fun age.

 Daughter in Law contributed this marvelous marble mousse cake. It was amazing.

The meal was finished off with lots of laughs and fresh, ripe strawberries.

 After dessert there was egg dying.

 Grandson thought the whole process very odd.

 There was candy galore.

Daugher had even found the elusive marshmellow bunny. It was a wonderful day!


  1. You deserve the joys of Easter. You have it very tough right now with your daddy o

  2. Your Easter looks magnificent! I feel sorry for Pup, but I love the photos of the little one caught up in the intensity of the hunt! ooooh chocolate lambie pies ... definitely cute and delicious looking, I think those beautiful greens afford you all more than a few :)

  3. I'm glad you had a good day with family...a two year old sure license things up! I'm sure the ladies appreciated your soap!

  4. Pure joy seeing that little boy.