Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Toys

 I was hanging out at Ikea the other day when I noticed these ice cube molds in the Marketplace.

They were only $1 a piece. Sold.

 I took them home and filled them up with leftover soap. I've got big plans for them.

I also finally broke down and bought a soap miter box. It keeps your blade straight so you get even bars.

I made a mini loaf to try it out. It worked perfectly.

This was a mini loaf of a swirled patchouli mix that that came out pretty bad the first time I tried it.

See what I mean? It smells great but ugh. Look at that. It looks like a piece of rotten ham. Ewwww.....I won't be doing that again. That's just terrible.


  1. It is all about the smell to me anyhow. Once it gets wet and used, it loses that perfection ....and it is all about the soap bout the soap no colors!

  2. You're funny! I bet it smells better than rotten ham!!
    Great idea for molds from the ice trays! Someday I want to go to an IKEA , too.

  3. Looks like fun! Enjoy your new toys!