Saturday, April 18, 2015

Forty Eight

 I still love warping with counting threads. It makes everything so much easier.

I'm also still fond of rolling the warp rather than chaining. I'm all about keeping tangles at bay.

 What I'm not crazy about was having to add the single white contrast threads one by one because I couldn't figure out how to warp it along with the other threads. Thank goodness there were only forty eight.

The problem now is that I want to leave it this way. This is the prettiest warp ever. I just don't want to wind it on.


  1. It's a beautiful warp with all the promise of a good weave!

  2. Great colors. Your weaving is amazing. I could NEVER keep all those strings straight. I love to see your finished products.

  3. Looking forward to see how it looks woven. You are amazing in all the things you know how to do!