Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Closing In

 That's my little house surrounded by all those big trees.

Soon the leaves will fill in and we will be pretty much in the shade until fall.

Very little blooms in all that shade so my world is slowly turning to green.

 The hostas do nicely until the deers eat them.

 Ferns are everywhere.

 I love the Jack in the Pulpits. I look forward to their appearance every spring.

 My path through the woods is covered in Mayapples at the moment. They don't last long, thank goodness.

The Mister brought these crazy looking things home from the MDSW a few years ago and they have taken over the place. I think they are alien plants. They are really scary looking.

My favorite is the moss. It is like a soft green carpet that covers everything once the grass dies out from lack of sun. Who needs grass anyway?


  1. Love the fiddlehead ferns!!

  2. I am jealous of all your trees, though not necessarily of all the shade. More trees would be really nice though :)

  3. Too funny - I was just looking out the back door at the moss on the fence and thinking how much I loved living in a place humid enough for moss. Part of our front lawn is almost all moss - it's so nice and squishy to walk on

  4. Oh, thank you for a walk through your wooded yard! So very pretty!

  5. What a gorgeous post!!!

  6. Moss is my favorite too. No need for grass.

  7. What a pretty yard! We have lots of shade (and moss) also.