Monday, April 13, 2015

Four Months

 This better be the last thumb update I have to write. It's been 120 days now. I don't think I can stand much more. The last few weeks have been the worst. I can't wait to wash my hair again. Try washing yours with one hand-your left hand for four months and see what you end up looking like.

The damaged nail has now grown out to almost the bitter end but it's hanging on for dear life. I can't use bandaids alone anymore because they stick and pull so I have to cover it with this pricey elastic tape first for protection.

Then I have to cover it with two bandaids so that it all stays in place. Any sliding or rubbing causes a lot of pain. Think the biggest hangnail you have ever had across the entire top of your nail then multiply it by 100.

All of that still has to have protection from any bumps or snags. Sleeping has been fun. I can be careful when I am awake but asleep...not so much. I wake up whenever it gets in a bad place which is several times a night. Yawn.

My soft little foamy things are a comfort when things get rough. I hate to say it but the peek I've had at the new nail coming in shows that it is also badly deformed so this may become a permanent eyesore. I'll just be happy if the pain goes away. If it doesn't,  I'm shopping around for a thumb transplant.


  1. Soon now this thumb will just be a dumb memory! I hope it stops hurting soon now!

  2. Have you seen the THUMB drive that is a thumb? ?hee hee. We must laugh to get you through the end of this painful time! We use our thumbs so very much.....
    Thumbs up Lady!

  3. Sorry that thumb is still bugging you! Hope this month will be it for that! Have a good week.

  4. Ugh! You had me at hair washing! But that's a lot of maintenance for your thumb. I hope it heals super fast! But I still am kind of freaked out about your crafting potential when it does heal. How have you been doing so much including the ice skating team stuff with a bum thumb???

    I wonder if Kathy B could chop it off if she needed to. She's medically trained. She's also hilarious, ha!