Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

 I couldn't be bothered to take the candy out of the bags this year.

This holiday has been too hectic to enjoy.

 I did treat myself to some tulips.

 I also came home with a mixed bouquet. That's very unlike me but the spirits needed lifting and they were cheaper than a bottle of good tequila.

Easter's too early this year. Everything is still gray and dead except these guys. I planted them last year and I can't believe the moles didn't get them.

Look what I made. Macaroni salad. This stuff is crack to me. I have to eat it until it's all gone. Have. To. I added shredded kale to counteract all that mayo. As if.

The Mister and I had our Easter dinner Friday night.

There was cake. There should always be cake.

 After dinner it was time for you know what.

I pretty much just watched because I had an issue this year. The Thumb or Thumper as The Mister calls it, is not well. That blankety blank nail is in a very bad way and it is making me grouchy. My other thumb is not happy either because it has been working overtime so I've practically got no functioning thumbs. You should see my hair.

The Mister LOVES to dye eggs. He was like a kid rushing through dinner. All he wanted was the eggs.

 He does have a talent.

 They are too pretty to eat again this year.

You see that blue couch? Tonight I'm going to be on it. I have a date with Judy and Fred. I love this movie.
Happy Easter!


  1. I have been thinking of that thumb of yours. Im so so sorry. You deserve a joyous Easter. God Bless your family.
    WE did not color any eggs this year. There will be no chocolate eggs for me this year....but a peep will do

  2. The flowers remind us to look ahead...No matter how hard things are, we do what we can to share all that's beautiful in our lives. You are going to do just fine.

  3. The Mister is very creative with the eggs. They are so pretty. Sorry for the thumb report. Bad Thumb.
    Happy Easter.

  4. At least something is blooming! The only flowers around here are the fake ones I put on the door!

    Sorry about your thumb - but it looks like the Mister had fun!