Friday, April 24, 2015

New Toys Put to Use

 You know those little soap shapes I made last week? Look what happened to them.

This is just awesome. I am beyond happy with them. I am not taking credit for the technique. I learned it here. I love her tutorials.

I used some curls with the square shapes and came up with these lemongrass bars that smell like summer. I went a little heavy on the olive oil. They are a bit sticky but feel great in the tub.

 The Mister came up with this design. I need to make a bar like this for Grandson.

All our latest experiments were for a friend of The Mister who had a 70th birthday party on Saturday.  A bag of smelly soap and a Home Depot gift certificate-what else could a guy want?


  1. Oh funky! love the little fish bars! When you were making the mini soap - i never thought of anything like that! Brilliant!

  2. Your skills are really developing! These bars of soap are amazing; who wouldn't love them as a gift!

  3. I am itching to try soap-making after all your posts lately. It's on my summer list!

  4. All the soap is lovely, but I really like the colorful ones that look like flowers. Good job!