Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Perfect Timing

 Pup was not happy that my knitting bag was empty. We have a daily routine of knit walking but since I ran out of walking projects she has been getting shortchanged in the exercise department.

Look at that sad face.

I went sock stash diving but nothing was ringing my bell. I always buy fall colors and I wanted something springy and fun.

 Then The Mister came in with the mail.

 I had a package from Wandering Cat Yarns. Talk about perfect timing. That's sock yarn on the right and lace on the left. I don't have a yellow shawl yet-but I will real soon.

 Not only did I get the yarn, I got a new project bag. How great is this? No cat is going to figure out how to get that open to steal my precious project. There are even little pockets inside. I love it.

I even have the perfect yarn to go with the bag. I'm funny that way.

The new sock yarn in Ride to the Moon colorway is already wound-and truth be told, I already have started the ribbing of one sock with it. Pup is going to get plenty of walking time tomorrow. I've got socks on the needles again!


  1. Yay! I'm glad it arrived safely and that the colours are okay. I wanted to make a project bag with yellow in it, but I didn't have any fabric in the stash - this was the brightest, cheeriest fabric I had.

  2. Yellow is spring is so perfect. I can't believe you really walk and knit. You are amazing. and with a bum thumb!

  3. Beautiful ! Happy knitting and pup walking!

  4. I had to wipe drool off my keyboard looking at your stash, hehe. I feel like your package from Wandering Cat is basically greenlighting me for my own package ... for a baby gift so it's okay, right?

    Your sock yarn is so yummy and fun. I like that you have different kinds of bags too. I have fabric and see through and I won't lie I still use ziplock gallons quite a bit despite my plethora of options!