Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch

 During every school holiday my old workmates and I get together to talk about old times over food and drinks.

 Lots of drinks. We order one (or two) fun and fruity cocktails and split them among ourselves.

 To add to the fun, someone was having a birthday. The Birthday Girl is now eligible for Social Security. Lucky Duck. I've got eight months and I can't wait.

I had to laugh at all the smart phones that were pulled out by our table full of senior ladies. I don't have one and it gave me a giggle to see them acting like teens with their pocket toys. Now I want one but it's not in the budget.

Of course there was soap. At around 10:00 the night before it dawned on me that I had yet another reason to have more fun in the kitchen. Ladies love soap and I love having a reason to make it even if it is the middle of the night.

Look at this one. Wow. I used some leftovers for the crazy embeds. You can't have more fun than this,

I also made some of my old favorites. Look at that pink grapefruit swirl at the top. That's hard to do with melt and pour but I managed to get a few decent looking bars out of my midnight swirling experiment.

A table full of bitty soaps makes me so happy. I could hardly sleep all night from the excitment of knowing they were waiting to be cut and packaged in the morning.

It was raining and moisure is not a friend to this type of soap so they all got packaged in an extra raincoat layer for their trip to the restaurant where they were well received. The Mister has a friend's birthday to go to in a couple of weeks and has already asked for some soap to take with him. Yippeee....


  1. I'm glad you had a good lunch visit; the soap gifts are exceptional!

  2. You are so productive. The soaps packaging is darling!

  3. You are really gonna have to put some up in a etsy or something!!! I want to buy some! It all looks so good, especially that pink grapefruit.

  4. You certainly are multi-talented! Sounds like a fun lunch and I'll bet the soap was very well received!