Sunday, April 26, 2015

No Sweat

Uh, oh. Warm humid weather is upon us and my pretty soap is starting to sweat. See those tiny little beads on the white bottom? That's glycerin escaping.

Melt and pour soap bases have lots of glycerin and glycerin pulls moisture from the air. It makes you soft and silky but it can make your soap feel slimy unless you keep it as airtight as possible.

The slime is actually only all the yummy things you add into your recipe seeping to the surface so it's still okay to use. In fact, that extra slickness makes a more creamy lather. I'm so soft from trying out all these recipes I am afraid I might melt.

Speaking of working yourself up into a lather, I got some new toys and decided to get to work making a bar or two for the dogs.

It's itch season for them so I tried to concoct somthing to give them some relief with my new tiny Ikea mixer.

 I came up with a coconut oil, olive oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil and lemongrass bar. I added some activated charcoal, tomato powder and chamomile powder for good measure. I made a mini bar for me. I itch too-sometimes.

 To try and protect my little bars from dampness, I wrapped them in plastic wrap and sealed the ends down with a quick pass by the stove top burner. Don't tell The Mister I did this. I'm pretty sure he would have a fit.

It actually works very well without melting the soap. Now let's see if this keeps out the damp. I'm putting one bar in the hall closet and one in the steamy bathroom. All I need now is a three panel backboard and I have a science experiment.


  1. I love seeing your soaps! Nothing is more decadent than having a handmade soap to use.

  2. Great packaging! The new pet soap is a good idea!

  3. The soaps are fantastic, I can attest:) Yes, with the lovely warm Vitamin D of summer comes various instigators of the dreaded itch. My son is already treating his elbows for dry skin.