Friday, April 17, 2015

A Trip to the Island

 I've got another FO. The Seychelles shawl is finished.

 It went out in the sun to block. The weather has been perfect for drying things. I wish I had a clothesline.

It's hard to show how pretty this pattern is.

 It is the easiest lace shawl I have ever made-and I've made a lot.

 It looks like a very complicated pattern but it is ridiculously simple. I didn't even have to use a single stitch marker. I usually use hundreds.

 It's hard to believe this pretty little thing.....

 ....started out like this only a year ago.

It just goes to show you that little bits of spinning here and there can really add up.


  1. This is a beauty! You are going to get to wear it with your smile of satisfaction! You've out done yourself!

  2. It does not look easy at all. It looks intricate and lovely. What a finish

  3. Wow, did I miss somewhere before that you spun the beautiful yarn as well?!? It looks good and I was giving you the eyebrow when you said it was easy, but the no stitch marker use is a pretty convincing. It looks absolutely wonderful.

  4. Nice work. Love the color, too.

  5. Your shawl is beautiful. It looks so delicate and soft.

  6. that beautiful creation just makes me smile.