Saturday, February 28, 2015

Swan Song

I'm retiring for the second time. This weekend will be the last time I make the long trek downtown to teach skating lessons on Saturday and Sunday mornings on the outdoor rinks. That's the Capital in the middle of my photo. That's my not-so-postcard-pretty view from the parking lot.

 I've got a long drive so I get there early and sit in my car knitting while trying to stay warm.

There is no indoor warming area at this particular rink and we all know how miserable this winter has been. It takes all I've got to get out of the car.

 We put our skates on sitting on the floor in the ladies room so our feet don't freeze but they freeze anyway.

You can't put on enough layers. I'm covered in wool. I suppose the job is a knitter's dream but I've had enough. Sayonara outdoor rinks. I'm heading back to inside rinks-for good.