Friday, February 27, 2015

An End Almost in Sight

 My Galliano vest is nearing the finish line. I ended up just doing one side at a time. Wrestling with three balls was too much to deal with in my advanced case of cabin fever.

 I'm afraid that I'm getting mighty close to running out of yarn.

 It's a good thing I have so many locks left.

 It wasn't entirely terrible to have to comb and spin more.

Not at all.


  1. It looks fantastic! The way this winter is going, you will still need it when you are done!!!!! Isn't spinning wonderful....?!

  2. Now that's a perfect vest color. I love it. It shows off your knitting. You can wear it with most anything! Great great job. I m impressed Lady!

  3. Is there any craft you cannot do? Love that vest, and that you spun its yarn. It is beautiful!

  4. That's going to be nice and cozy when it's done!