Friday, February 6, 2015

Knitting the Day Away

In Daughter's quiet household I managed to finish one of her thrummed mitts. She has HBO so I was glued to the TV every night. I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Great Gatsby. Thumbs will come later. I'm going to do them both at the same time so they will match.

 I also got the second mitt started. I was working on it when she arrived home and all she could say when she saw it was "pink?".

 I was so proud of my red fiber but it turns out rather pink when it's pulled out thin when making thrums.

 I also got the lining of the lined hat started. The provisional cast on zipped right off. Thank goodness. I used the crochet method with some kitchen cotton.

The top decreases really threw me for a loop. I've never seen them done this way before. I almost modified it to something I am more familiar with but I am glad I stuck with it because it looks great with the stripes. I am starting to think the whole thing may end up being rather tall for a hat but we'll see how it goes. I've made worse.


  1. Tell her it is RED! It looks red on my screen anyway. Beautiful knitting and the hat is perfect! Excellent work!

  2. The thrums look pretty darn red to me!

    And a tall hat just means it's a little slouchy - it's all good!

  3. Oh look at your chockful of colorwork post! I love it. The red doesn't look pink to me at all, but they look fantastic. The Great Gatsby didn't do anything for me, but I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel. HBO + Knitting is definitely a good combination!

    And there you go again, making me think that my fear of the provisional (even crochet!) cast on is irrational and I need to get over myself! I dunno, lady, but the hat looks fantastic.

  4. Did Grand Budapest make you laugh?
    I love your mittens and your hat. The grey is so classic in the hat

  5. Oh thrummed mittens, nice! I've been wanting to make some of those for a while now. Those hat decreases do look fantastic with stripes!