Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Different Kind of Fleece

 Pup loves her new Valentine fleece blanket. She sits in the window enjoying the sun every afternoon.

 Gracie loves her fleece too. She camps out on the sewing table when the sun is shining.

 The Mister's Maltese loves to nap on her fleece blanket also.

 During all these months of costume making I have been in and out of Joanne's at least once a week and every time I go in I come out with a yard of fleece that when cut in half makes two perfect sized critter blankies for about $5. I'm seriously thinking that the next time I go I need to buy enough to make one for myself. They really do look comfy.


  1. Very cute! When my little grandson comes, all the cats try to settle on his fleece blankie, he is not happy to share!

  2. Fleece is so soft. My vet pal. just gave me an OWL fleece blanket