Friday, February 20, 2015

Thinking Spring

 My new shipment of weaving cotton is here. I looked at my checkbook and said I couldn't afford it and then looked out the window and said I couldn't afford not to buy it. I'm going a bit stir crazy with this late winter blast.

 These greens are for my St. Patrick's Day towels.

These will be for Easter. By April I should have all this out of my system and able to get back to those kits I bought. There's lots of techniques I need to learn and I'm not going to do it by sticking to what I know over and over-but it has been fun.


  1. Color therapy is just the anecdote to winter blahs! Love the greens!!!

  2. With all that cold, you deserve not just a little, but lots of fun! Beautiful colors. Can't wait to see the towels.

  3. OH I love knitting weaving etc with Holiday colors as they change