Friday, February 13, 2015

Three or Four Shades of Gray

 No. I have not read those books. I tried a sample on the Kindle and.....ewwww. The shades of gray I'm talking about is the colors in my two latest FOs. The crazy lined hat is a done deal.

 You stuff one side into the other and you get......a perfect hat. Brilliant.

I love it. It fits perfectly and is sooooooo warm. Since one side is stranded and one side is striped it makes three layers of yarn. It's going to be heaven tomorrow morning when I'm out on the ice in 20 degree temps. I need to make more. Lots more. It's the Basic Lined Hat pattern made with Lion Brand's Wool-Ease.

I also finished that ancient set of mitts. They are wonderfully wonky because I had to make up the second one as I went along because apparently I had no idea what pattern I was using in the first place.

This is the first entire post I have written using my new Chromebook and for those of you who asked, I am happy to report that I still love it. The program for uploading pictures worked just fine much to my relief. My only criticism so far is that in the dark, the keyboard is hard to see but other than that it's a great little toy. I can't put it down.


  1. That hat is stunning! What a great post-you finished that second mitt already! It goes with the hat even! Wonderful accomplishments. I'm glad to know the computer is a success....I'm gonna ck it out with my tax return money!

  2. Love the hat! And the mittens look good no matter the pattern snafu. Must check out the Chromebook. In the market since my laptop is dying!!!

  3. I love your doubled up hat! Two shades of gray is just plenty if you ask me!

  4. Oh - that hat is definitely needed up here in the great white north... it's 3 degrees F here today

  5. Great hat and it has matching mitts although you made need fingers in the cold. Stay warm and have a great Valentine's weekend!