Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Cure

The Mister and I have had a heck of a week with the Old Folk. Daddio's off his rocker again and The Mister's mom is being sent home today from a month long stay in a nursing home in worse shape than when she went in.

 The remedy for such a week was staring us in the face. Snow plus booze equals a new lease on life-at least for a few hours.

We don't get to use our sleds very often anymore as the quality of our snow is usually pretty poor. Today sledding conditions were perfect thanks to an overnight freeze.

The sun was out and the sky was a brilliant blue.

The snow sparkled like a million diamonds in the late afternoon sun. It was perfect.

 You could fly down the hill at an almost scary speed.

 It was a good ride if you didn't land in the creek. I didn't but I did enjoy rolling around in the snow for a slightly drunken selfie. I'm wearing my scrappy sweater made out of leftover Corridale locks. It's pretty much reserved for drunken sleigh rides.

Pup even went down for a few rides when she wasn't trying to figure out how to get my mittens off for a game of chase. We need to teach her a new game. You need your mittens when it's 20 degrees.


  1. Always wonderful to let loose once in awhile and go sledding during a sunshiney day. I'm sure the pup would have preferred if the mittens loosed up a bit too.

    Love the pics and I hope the rest of the week is less stressful for both you and the mister.

  2. I'm sorry for the hard parenting news. The fun day sledding sounds like a good stress buster! Bonus fun for Pup, too! Great knits!

  3. Good for you. AND i love that sweater that you knit! How perfect! I am afraid to neck...too many pediatric emergencies when I worked r/t sledding!!

  4. Ugh, I'm sorry the Upper Classmen aka The Old Folk are having a rough go, and thereby giving you two one as well, but I'm glad you have each other for some fun snow and sled times.

    Too smart to find a little saucy fun together. Love your snowy selfie. :)

  5. If you've got to put up with the cold and the snow - you're definitely doing it right! (And tobogganing isn't tobogganing if their isn't a creek at the bottom of the hill!)

    I still love the crazy handspun sweater!