Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 Daughter's thrummed mitts were done just in time for the big freeze. Brrrrrr........ it's been cold.

I love to turn them inside out. These are terrible photos of them. It's been dark and snowy so getting them in some good light has been impossible and I'm not going outside-not until spring.

When I make these for myself I don't bother to weave in any ends but since I gifted them I felt obligated to neaten them up on the inside as much as possible. It was easier said than done but it did get done-barely.


  1. You thrummed are amazingly charming. I don't weave ends in for myself either ....isn't that funny?

  2. Love the way your thrummed mittens turned out! Perfect colors, too. One of these days I'm going to be brave and try thrums!

  3. The thrummed mitts are so cute. I can't believe you tackled another pair for your daughter. It looks like hard work. Can I say without meaning it in any negative way, that the inside-out photo reminds me of a sheep. Like a decorative holiday stuffed animal or something. I'm not saying I make sense.